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Watching Overseas TV in Bali

Watch overseas tv Bali

There are a number of pretty good satellite and cable television packages that you can subscribe to in Bali and get a fairly good range of sports, news and movie channels. For most people this is adequate. Obviously, you cannot watch every show that is available in your home country, also you sometimes have to wait for months for some television series to reach Asia.

I know the feeling what it is like. All of your friends back home talk about a great new tv show and it’s nowhere to be found in Bali. Some television shows that are free to watch on the internet in your home country, often will not be available outside of your home country, due to licensing restrictions. It can be maddening.

One of the largest internet providers in Indonesia, Telkom even blocks Netflix. They have their own internet television service, iFlix which they want you to join. Indonesia also sensors many websites, like adult sites, but also some useful websites such as Reddit. You can access basically any website without restriction.

How can broadcasters know that you are in a different country?

Every time you use the internet, your computer, tablet or phone is assigned a unique number, called an IP address. Like telephone numbers, each country has its unique blocks of IP addresses. This is the way broadcasters can detect that you are overseas.

Fortunately, there is an easy way around this by using a Virtual Private Network or a VPN service. VPN providers have servers all around the world. So when you connect to their service, you will be assigned an IP address from the country which you would like to watch the tv program in.

So for example, if you want to watch Australia’s iView service, you would connect to a server in Australia. To the ABC (Australian Broadcasting Corporation), it looks just as though you are in Australia. If you want to watch BBC’s iPlayer, you would connect to a server in the UK.

A VPN is typically a service that you subscribe to. They usually provide some software to install to your computer and it is just a matter of clicking a couple of buttons to connect to the different servers. Using a VPN also adds a layer of security if you are using free wifi internet as all traffic is encrypted.

So what VPN service should I use?

There are thousands of different VPN services available and I experimented with a few different ones. The factors which you should look at when deciding on a service to use, include:

– location of servers – does the VPN have servers in the country you want to watch television
– support
– price
– the number of devices you can use simultaneously

I researched and tried a few different companies and I am happy to recommend NordVPN. They have servers around the world. When I have technical problems, they are available 24/7 through their online chat. If you are having trouble watching a particular tv show, they also have a support team which can help with this.

I created a special deal with Nord and if you enter the promocode BALIEXPAT you can get a further discount.

Click here to sign up and start watching your favorite tv programs from home today.

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