Tune hotel KutaTune Hotels have opened a new hotel in Kuta. I go down to Kuta every so often for shopping and a change of scenery, so I might consider staying there some time in the future.

I am checking out their website now. The booking interface is similar to booking an airline ticket on a budget airline, where you choose from different options depending on your needs.

Here are some of the options you get and the prices. This is for a double room, where I selected it for two people.

Air Conditioning (12 hours credit) IDR 49,500
Air Conditioning (24 hours credit) IDR 82,500
Towel Rental + Free Essentials toiletries kit (additional IDR30,000 refundable deposit will be collected upon check-in) IDR 16,500
Wireless Internet Access (24 hour period) IDR 77,000

I could probably bring my own towels to save a bit of money, but I would prefer to have wireless internet. 12 hours credit for air conditioning is probably enough.

The total cost is 126,500 for one night on November 20, which is pretty cheap for hotels in the area. There is no pool however and it doesn’t include breakfast.