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An internal immigration letter has been going around Facebook discussing a crack down on foreigners using back to back tourist visas to stay in Bali. The concern is that foreigners using tourist visas constantly, are possibly working illegally in Bali.

There has been some discussion that they will limit people to just two tourist visas per year. Personally, I cannot imagine this kind of policy will be implemented. I know of many people, who take multiple trips to Bali. Some for example have family here and others who just love coming to Bali. They have jobs or businesses in their own country and have no intention of working in Bali.

For Perth and Darwin residents, coming to Bali even for just a long weekend is possible with the cheap flights available. Many FIFO (fly in, fly out) workers, work in mines in Australia and spend their off time in Bali.

Many Singapore residents also visit the island of Batam in Indonesia for weekend trips. So limiting tourists visas would surely have a negative impact on tourism, which the Indonesian government is keen to grow.

If however, you have been staying in Bali continuously on tourists visas, you might expect some extra attention at the airport and you could even be refused entry into the country. Apparently this is a new policy trial which will run until the end of December. Some visa agents are suggesting people to get business visas.

People who have a KITAS or KITAP don’t have anything to worry about. Social visas are likely to be targeted also. So if are living in Indonesia on a social visa and have been putting off from getting a KITAS, now might be a good time to apply.

You can find a copy of the immigration letter and translation here.

Update: The immigration letter was retracted exactly 10 days after it was put out. I have yet to hear of anyone having trouble entering Indonesia despite having multiple tourist/social or business visas.