Bali Business Ideas

If you want to live in Bali, often starting a business is the only way to support yourself, as jobs for foreigners are few and far between. Most foreigners new to Bali only seem to start hospitality type businesses such as restaurants, hotels, and bars. And yes, I know I am guilty of this myself! If however, you spend more time here, it doesn’t take long to come up with potential business ideas. So if you are interested in starting a business in Bali, here are some ideas to get the creative juices flowing.

1. Professional Cleaning Company

Most foreigners living in Bali have a pembantu or housekeeper to keep their house clean. While they are good at general sweeping and tidying a house, they are might not be so good at doing a really deep, thorough clean. I think a professional cleaning company that had commercial cleaning equipment and products would be in demand in Bali.

2. Hotel and Villa Supplier

It is often said that during the gold rushes in the 1800’s, the people who made money were the ones which supplied the miners with the equipment, like picks and axes. I think you could apply the same analogy to hotels in Bali. The hotel and villa owners being the gold miners and but the real money is in supplying all of the products and equipment to run the hotel. You could pick just a few products or offer a full range. Some of the required products include:

  • Kitchen equipment and supplies
  • Bakery equipment and supplies
  • Refrigeration equipment and maintenance
  • Electricity generators and maintenance
  • Cleaning equipment
  • Housekeeping supplies
  • Laundry equipment
  • Luggage trolleys
  • Towels and bed linen
  • Audio visual equipment
  • Internet and telecommunication’s equipment
  • Hotel security
  • Gym, spa and health equipment and supplies
  • Furniture
  • Decorations
  • Tableware

3. Tradesman’s Agency/Booking Service

Everything in Bali needs constant repairs and maintenance. Often when you find a good plumber/electrician/repair person, they either move or change their mobile number. It is ongoing process of trying to find someone reliable. My idea is to have a kind of agency with one point of contact that sends out a qualified (as qualified as one an be in Bali) and vetted repair person. The agency would also handle billing so you don’t have to pay directly to the repair person and prices would be fixed and transparent.

4. Catering Business

Not a very original idea and of course there are companies already doing this, but pricing seems to be everywhere and nothing seems to clear as to what you get for your money. With the number of foreigners coming here to get married and celebrate birthdays and such I think there is a good market for such a company.

5. Food Production

Since imported food is so expensive in Bali, I think you could make a near equivalent product to an imported one, it would be popular in the expat community. You would be able to sell it cheaper as you wouldn’t be paying import taxes. Cheese and cured meats comes to mind.

6. Clothing/factory agent

I have lost count of the number of people, mostly from Australia who are looking for a clothing manufacturer in Bali. There must be potential for someone to act as an agent between buyers and manufacturers, also for someone to oversee production, quality control and arrange payment/shipping.

7. IT/Computer repairs

Many times you hear about people taking their computer in for repair and it comes back unrepaired and minus internal parts. I think there would be a good market for an honest and reliable computer repair business. Helping people with their internet connections would be good too.

8. Marketing Consultancy

How many times do you go to a business and when you go back a few months later, it has already shutdown ? I know it is difficult to start a small business anywhere in the world, let alone Bali, but it seems like many companies here have no idea about marketing.

9. Professional Security Company

Security guards are a dime a dozen in Bali, few however had professional training and some are even criticized for running away at the first sign of any trouble.

10. Wholesale Food Supplier to Hotels, Restaurants and Villas

I belong to a food and beverage suppliers group on Facebook and it seems like finding reliable suppliers who offer genuine wholesale prices is fairly hit and miss.