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ATM EMV problem in Bali

What is causing the ATM problems now in Bali

Starting on October 1st many people traveling and living in Bali, suddenly found they could no longer withdraw cash from ATMs in Bali using their ATM card. With no news or announcements from the banks, various theories started to spread around the internet about what was or still is, causing the problem. Some of the […]

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Bali lawyer

A shout out to my wife’s new business

I mentioned in my New Year’s email that my wife has started a new business. She studied law at university and last year she took the exams to qualify to practice law in Indonesia. Of course I was extremely proud of her for her achievement. She even surprised me how comfortable she was mixing with […]

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Bali minimum salary 2014

Bali minimum wage for 2014

Here is a list by regency of the minimum monthly salary (in rupiah) in Bali for 2014, put out by the Bali governor. Regency – 2013 salary – 2014 salary Badung – 1,401,000 – 1,728,000 Denpasar – 1,358,000 – 1,656,900 Gianyar – 1,230,000 – 1,543,000 Karangasem – 1,195,000 – 1,542,600 Jembrana – 1,212,500 – 1,542,600 […]

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Bali electrical goods vitamix

Shipping Electrical Items to Bali

While you can buy most electrical goods in Bali, there are a couple of items like espresso machines and juicers that are either impossible to find or very expensive. Browsing on a site like Amazon, can be a little depressing, as they are unlikely to ship to Bali, and if you can get anything shipped […]

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