Bali henna tattoo warningIt might seem like harmless fun getting a henna or temporary or henna tattoo while you are on holiday in Bali, but I have read a few stories now of people having skin problems when they get back home from their holiday, especially with children.

The West online newspaper reports the story of Mrs Kneale and her twin 11-year-old daughters Chloe and Holly who got henna tattoos in Bali.

After landing, Chloe was in agony and wound up at Princess Margaret Hospital facing the prospect of plastic surgery after the henna blistered and burnt her skin red raw.

Mrs Kneale said her daughter’s trauma was akin to someone pouring acid on her skin.

She decided to speak out to warn other parents against allowing their children to get henna tattoos in Bali.

“It was bubbling and . . . it would pop, ooze a yellow substance, and then as soon as it popped it would start blistering again,” she said. “It was like a third-degree burn, she was in agony.”

Cannon Cribb who is just five years old from Queensland had a dragon painted on his arm in Bali. He had similar trouble and his parent’s fear the tattoo will leave a permanent scar.