Kantor Kita BaliI have noticed the topic of Kantor Kita popping up on Bali expat forums and I have also read some articles in the Bali Times on the subject. I don’t know the full story but it seems that the owner of the company Esti Yuliani, also known as Julie Edmond embezzled millions of dollars in scam property deals in Bali.

Foreigners in Indonesia cannot buy property directly, so they often use nominee or Indonesian shelf companies to buy real estate. A great deal of trust needs to be placed in the company which helps organize the property transaction and it is not uncommon for foreign property investors to get burned in the process.

Esti Yuliani is now in police custody, while presumably awaiting trial. The company’s website says it is currently “under construction”.

It seems like Kantor Kita had built up a decent reputation, until now. It makes you wonder why they started scamming people. It is also going to be interesting to see what happens in the courts, if anyone can get their money back, since foreigners lost money buying land that they couldn’t legally buy in the first place.