banana treeLiving in Bali, you see many things that you wouldn’t normally see, living in Australia, Europe or America. One thing which was a bit of a mystery to me was seeing people cutting down banana trees and then trying to lug the trunks around, usually on the back of a motorbike.

It’s also amazing seeing 70 year old, tiny Balinese women cutting down these trees and then carrying them around. I have seen people chewing on sticks of sugar cane around Asia, but the trees didn’t look too tasty. I thought that maybe they were used in some kind of Hindu religious ceremony, as Balinese often use bits of bamboo and other vegetation to decorate their temples.

I noticed that our neighbor had one cut up, so I couldn’t help asking what they were using them for. What they do is cut and mash up the trunk, mix it with rice and use it for feed to their pigs. So there you have it. Mystery solved.