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How to change language settings in Google Chrome

I have started using Google’s Chrome browser recently and one thing which was bothering me, was that it kept redirecting to the Indonesian version of Google every time I loaded This was particularly annoying when I was trying to go to Google’s news page, where I couldn’t find any menu option to show English […]

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New point and shoot camera

Since I moved to Bali, I don’t buy too many fancy electronic goods.  As much as I would love to have an iPhone, I kind of hate the thought of carrying around such an expensive gadget in my pocket.  I have one of the cheapest Nokia phones that you can own and it does the […]

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Slow, slow internet

If you run your business on the internet and thinking of moving to Bali, be prepared for waiting a long time for your downloads and uploads to complete. I have met a few expats in Asia who play the money markets and need access to fast and reliable internet. I think they would have problems […]

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