Teach English online

I am always amazed at how the internet is opening up opportunities for work and business. One of my first jobs after graduating from university was teaching English in Japan. It was one of the best times in my life. It certainly was a great time to be in Japan as teachers were very much in demand and the conditions were great.

As China’s economy has boomed there is currently a massive demand for English teachers in the country. While China can be an interesting place to visit, living there for an extended period has its challenges. Thanks to the internet, however, classes can be taught online using video conferencing software like Zoom and Skype.

Since the classes are all done on the internet, you can live practically anywhere in the world with a good connection, including of course Bali. While it would be very much a part-time gig in countries with a high cost of living like Australia and Europe, in places like Indonesia and Thailand, the salary for working just a few hours a day can be adequate to live on.

It may not make you rich, but it can give people an opportunity to pursue a new business or surf to your heart’s content. Chinese new year holidays is just about over, so hiring is going to be ramping up for the new year. If you are interested in applying for a job, the basic requirements are:

– Native English speaker from US, Australia, Canada, New Zealand or UK.
– A degree or studying towards a degree in any discipline
– Teaching experience preferred, but not a requirement

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