We tried signing up with Speedy internet at our house in Lovina, but there’s no telephone available. I tried the 3G service here and it was extremely slow.

Our last option was to use Spicelink. They attached an antennae to our roof to get the internet and I pay around US$100 for the service. The service is ok, but not great. It seems at least once a week there is some kind of trouble. I understand that telecommunication infrastructure is not great here, but it is very frustrating.

Today, the internet is working fine, but for some reason Google is not work working. It’s amazing how reliant I have become on Google search, Gmail, Analysitcs and Adsense. When I called their customer support, they tried to tell me it was a problem with Google itself! I know Gmail sometimes have some outages, but I don’t I can recall the Google home page to have ever been down. They then said it was a problem with their proxy server.

It would make feel so much better if they just told me that from the start.