Bali electrical goods vitamixWhile you can buy most electrical goods in Bali, there are a couple of items like espresso machines and juicers that are either impossible to find or very expensive. Browsing on a site like Amazon, can be a little depressing, as they are unlikely to ship to Bali, and if you can get anything shipped (excluding books) you will probably get charged through the teeth on custom fees. I remember ordering a book on Amazon once and it came through one of their suppliers. The book was sent to me via UPS and the custom’s duty was about the same price as the book. Before I got my Kindle, I bought books fairly regularly and I had them sent to my PO box here and never had to pay any other additional fees or taxes. So the best option is to buy electrical goods outside of Indonesia when you travel overseas, or you could as a friend to bring them for you. It is important to take the items out of their packaging, so they look like they have been used – you will then less likely have to pay duty on them, as they are regarded as personal items. If you buy a blender or juicer and want to take it in your carry on, take out the blades and store them in your checked luggage. Otherwise airport security could confiscate them. Remember also that Indonesia uses 220V, so make sure to buy anything with the correct voltage.