I was looking for more places to get exposure for my guide to starting a business in Bali. After doing some research, I found that anyone can sell print on demand (POD) and ebooks on Amazon.

I think it is a fairly recent move that Amazon has started or they acquired a site called CreateSpace. CreateSpace allows people to sell books, DVDs, music and MP3s.

I am currently in the process of trying to get my ebook approved. People will be able to hopefully soon be able to buy my book from Amazon in either an ebook or paper book format.

You have to become a little familiar with publishing terms such as “bleed” and “trim”. The interface however to their site is very simple to follow. You can even create a cover for your book from one of their templates.

In terms of pricing, I priced my book at $25, of which I would receive $10.70. There is a PRO version available also and if you pay some money to join, you will receive a little more money.

I have heard of authors traditionally getting paid very little for their books, so I am sure even this amount is pretty good.

Another thing I like about this service is that there are no upfront costs to the author. They even supply you with an ISBN number if you don’t have one. I looked at the self publishing service of Lulu and their basic cost to get your book into their store was $300!

One more advantage is that once your book is online in the store, it should be there forever! It will never go out of print, so as long as your book is on a topic that won’t get dated, you will be able to earn royalties on your sales for the rest of your life.

About the only downside I have seen so far, is that you need create and submit a separate file to create a Kindle version for your book. It is something I will be trying to work out next.

I did read though, that 500 titles are being uploaded to Amazon everyday! It’s a very competitive marketplace, which is why you want to create something that targets a small but specific niche market.

Update: The book was approved last night. I had to order a copy to check it before it goes “live”. The cost was about $4 for the book and $10 for shipping.