Just as many people started to think Mount Agung was quietening down, it has started to spew ash. Most people I am sure are already aware that the Bali airport is now closed. I live in the north but have yet to see any ash yet, but I am sure that will soon change.

The ash initially was being directed towards Lombok, but has since moved back across to Bali and east Java. This is the best website to see current and predicted ash movements.

http://www.bom.gov.au/info/vaac/advisories.shtml (click on the graphic for Agung). The information is for aviation so it doesn’t necessarily reflect what people are experiencing at ground level.


Holiday makers are now playing a wait and see game. If you are booked on Australian airline, you could well be stuck in Bali until flights resume. Some people will be covered by their insurance, if they purchased it before the problems with the volcano started. Others will not be so lucky and it could become a costly wait.

It seems many people are making their way to Surabaya and Jakarta and flying out from there. Lombok is another possibility, but personally I wouldn’t be heading in that direction. The government has arranged for buses to Surabaya airport. I saw this posted earlier on Facebook:

Those passengers who are stranded in Bali Airport and plan to re-route to depart from Surabaya Airport (SUB), Indonesian Department of Transportation provide a shuttle from Denpasar Airport directly to Surabaya Airport. Please come to “Posko Pelayanan Gunung Agung” (Mt. Agung Service Post) at Domestic Arrival Terminal.
The shuttle service is available at IDR. 300,000 or approximately at USD. 23 and available till 9 pm local time.

There is another online bus booking service here: https://www.redbus.id/en/

People have been posting some amazing shots of the volcano. (Rio Helmi for example) It is extraordinary to see the power of mother nature and a timely reminder of how we need to give it the respect it deserves.

The is a good page for receiving updates:


Live streams can be seen here:


Overstay fees are currently being waived as long it is due to your flight being canceled. Update: It seems that immigration are not being so kind. Try to visit immigration before your visa expires to get an extension, even if your flights have been canceled. You need to have copies of all of your documents, ticket, passport etc. You can also apparently visit them at the airport to get the extension.

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