How to start a business in BaliI just received the proof of the printed version of my book “How to start a business in Bali”. I approved the proof, so it is now available for sale through Createspace and hopefully soon, through Amazon. My whole experience with Createspace has been fantastic and the printed book looks great.

It’s a weird feeling seeing a book with your own name on the cover. I now understand why it’s called “vanity publishing”. The printed book looks great and just like you would pick up in the bookshop. I don’t feel like reading it again though, because I am sure there are still typos and mistakes in it.

I expect that more books will be sold this way in the future. It’s great that you can buy almost any title and it will never go out of print.

My book is also available on the Kindle, but I am reluctant to promote it because of the large cut Amazon makes. I just read also that Google are launching their own ebook store and authors get to keep 60-something per cent for their sales.

The extra competition and increase in sales outlets is only good news for aspiring authors. I am pretty sure that if you can create a useful and informative book, have some expertise in marketing and are prepared to work hard, you could make a reasonable income from writing.