Well, I have a few years to go before I retire, but I have many friends who enjoy living in Bali on a pension. If you are moving from Australia, you will lose some benefits that you would ordinarily be entitled to in Australia, but overall your pension should go a lot further living in Bali. For many people, Bali offers a better quality of life than in Australia or Europe. Sure it is not going to be for everyone, but I see many benefits.

So what is it like living on a pension in Bali? Here are some comments from around the interwebs:

A lovely room with a shared pool and kitchen but en-suite bathroom would be about $100-120 p w. This includes electric wifi etc. Should be manageable

I would suggest you to come for at least three months. Choose an area you like. Kuta area can be expensive especially if you intend living on a pension. Do not sign a long term lease straight away. Out of the Kuta area, it is much cheaper to live.

It’s OK if you mostly eat at warungs and keep cafes for a special. Get a longer lease or an overcontract. Paying monthly rent is expensive! A western lifestyle with all trimmings isn’t cheap in Bali these days.

If anyone is looking to stay/live in Bali long term. Check what support systems you have after the honeymoon period is finished. Like one myth is, “If anything goes wrong then the Consulate will be helpful”. Well if you are an Australian, then “good luck with that”. You will need the support of family, friends and have good karma. Be warned.

Love the weather, people, smell of incense, the buzz of night-time shopping, staying in local compounds, shopping, Kecak dance (fire dance). Ubud for its culture and a little less craziness from Kuta, (a lot of traffic) walking, cycling through the rice fields, visiting waterfalls, eating street food, so much to see and do. Bali is my paradise!

Best: People generally polite and friendly. Low cost of living and climate.
Worst: Traffic and Smoke from the burning of rubbish with plastics.

There’s something about Bali that I really love. I find it hard to put my finger on it. It’s that elusive combination of beautiful weather, beautiful smiles, and beautiful food. But there’s something else also.

It is very cheap if you don’t want a western lifestyle, eat, drink and enjoy living like a local. A quarter of the price of living in Australia.

Have you moved or retired to Bali? Leave your own review in the comments!

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