Bali has become something of a hotspot for digital nomads. It offers many people a relaxed and carefree lifestyle, in a warm, tropical setting. Unfortunately, some people take the freedom aspect a little too far and become a little reckless, like riding a motorbike with no helmet, often with serious consequences. While some people have successfully used GoFundMe to get out of trouble, it is obviously not a substitute for insurance. For the price of a coffee per day, that is a Balinese warung style coffee, you can get fully insured, and yes, even if you are a digital nomad.

The whole concept of a digital nomad is a relatively new concept. Governments and traditional businesses such as banks have been slow to respond to the needs of this growing community. Since digital nomads travel for long periods and may not have a “home base” it has been difficult for digital nomads to find companies that would provide health and travel insurance to match their lifestyle.

Fortunately, Safety Wing understood the need to create an insurance product that was designed especially to meet the needs of digital nomads. Some insurance companies, for example, require you to be in your home country when you apply for the insurance. For many digital nomads, it is not practical to return “home” just to apply for insurance. Even the concept of a “home base” is an old fashioned concept for digital nomads. With SafetyWing, you can get insurance even if you have already started traveling.

Some insurance companies will only provide coverage up to a certain amount of time, but SafetyWing does not have a cap. If you do decide to go home, like to visit friends and family, they can even cover you for a period of time.

SafetyWing does not lock you into long contracts. Payment is subscription based and you can cancel at any time. The company is based out of the US and was part of the Y-combinator program, so they understand the needs of startups and remote workers. It is a growing company with plans offer more options in the future, such as family plans – perfect for nomad families on the move.

Of course, you do not necessarily have to be a digital nomad to benefit from the insurance, it can also be a good option for expats and long-term travelers.

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