For the first time this year, most internet services will be shutdown for 24 hours for the Nyepi holiday in Bali. Nyepi has a number of rules which everyone staying in Bali must obey, such as not leaving their hotel/house, not turning on lights or making loud noise.

Cable and satellite television services were typically shutdown for the holiday in previous years. This year however, it is first time for the internet to be affected. Initially it was only supposed to be mobile internet to be affected, but as recently as today Indihome, run by Telkom Indonesia, has said its ADSL and Fibre services will be closed down.

At least one ISP, GMedia, has said they will only block access to social media websites.

Nyepi will start on Saturday, March 17, at 6 am and go through until Sunday, March 18 6 am.

Most people I think living or holidaying in Bali are happy to follow the rules. Many people in this day and age, are reliant on the internet to carry out their lives, so I wouldn’t be surprised if there is an even greater exodus from Bali next year, if the internet shutdown is repeated.

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