Acer Z110 touchscreen problems

Potentially a good phone as long as you can fix the touchscreen problem

My wife bought me this phone (Acer Liquid Z110) and at first it looked like a good Android phone, but not long after getting it I started having problems with the touchscreen. It kept getting stuck (HJK = home key jammed) and you couldn’t press anything making the phone pretty useless.  I tried a few suggestions to fix the problem, including wrapping paper around the battery, but none of them worked.

Today I seemed to have fixed the problem, so I thought I would share it here in case anyone else has the same trouble.

On the Acer site I found an updated OS version, which you can find here:;-;Z110

The phone has 2 SIM card slots and the description for the OS update on the Acer’s site says “Only for Single SIM card Mode in FR”.  Since the phone was useless anyway and not having much confidence in the mobile shops here in Bali to fix the problem, I downloaded the new OS.

I unzipped the download onto my computer and then ran the file EUU.exe, following the instructions.  I kept however getting the error “find usb port error“.  I kept searching and trying different things, like taking out the battery, SIM card, SD card etc, but nothing seemed to work.

To get around that error, I found that you need to plug your phone into your computer first (before trying the upgrade) and let Windows install the USB drivers for the phone.  For me they were installed automatically, but there are also drivers available from Acer’s site, from the link above if you need to download them first.

Once the drivers were successfully installed, I then disconnected the phone from my computer and tried running EUU.exe again.  This time the phone upgraded successfully, without having to take the battery or anything out.

So far the phone seems to be working normally and hopefully now my phone is fixed.