Most of the internet providers in Bali seem to have some real problems with their DNS servers. If your internet connects fine, and say your Skype works, but internet pages are very slow or refuse to open, you could have a problem with the DNS server you are connecting to.

Fortunately, it is easy to change which DNS server your computer or modem connects to. Google operates their own public DNS server which you can connect to and is free of charge to use. The primary DNS server is and the secondary server is:

On a Windows computer:

– Open the Control Panel
– Click on Network and Sharing Center
– Click on Change Adapter Settings
– If you use a LAN cable, right click on “Local Area Connection” and select Properties. If you are using a wireless connection, right click on “Wireless Network Connection” and select Properties.
– Select “Internet Connection Protocol Version 4” as shown below.

Change DNS settings

– Change the DNS settings to Google’s DNS server as shown below and click OK.

Google DNS server telkom speedy

Restart your browser or even your computer and you should now be using Google’s DNS server.

For Apple Mac, the steps should be something similar: Apple menu, System Preferences, then click Network.

How to change the DNS settings on your modem

This of course changes the DNS on a computer, but if you want to connect your tablet or smart phone (iPad/iPhone) to your wifi, it is not so easy to change the DNS. In this case, I would suggest changing the DNS on your wifi router – providing of course it is your own router!

– Log into your wireless router, by entering in your internet browser:
– Enter username password (default is admin/admin)
– Click Interface Setup and then LAN
– You will see the settings as shown below.

Speedy modem Google DNS settings

– Enter the Google DNS settings as shown above and click save.

If you have any problems, write it in the comments below.