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Retire in Bali and retire in paradise

Beautiful beaches, lush rice fields, smiling faces, enchanting music and dance—these are just some of the images people might have when they think of Bali. You may have even already been to Bali a couple of times and are wondering what it might be like to live on the island. There is no doubt that living in Bali full-time is very different from visiting as a tourist and while there are positives and negatives to this, living in Bali can be a very rewarding life experience.

There are many reasons why you might want to spend the best years of your life in Bali and everyone is going to have their own reasons for wanting to live in Bali. It could be the warm weather, lower cost of living, great beaches, beautiful landscapes, healthy and nutritious food and wonderful, friendly people—what more could you ask for in seeking a retirement location.

“You can’t live like that in England,” explains London-expat Michael. “Here you live on a third of what you need in England. The opportunity has given me a new lease of life, and at 64 years of age I am proof of the island’s health benefits. I honestly believe I’ve added five or ten years to my life. I could get to 85 years old and still be very active because of the way I have changed my lifestyle.”

Not All a Bed of Roses

The “How to Retire in Bali” book, covers all aspects of moving and retiring in Bali, to help you plan your move and avoid costly mistakes. The book is an honest account of all of the positive and negative aspects of living in Bali. Living in Bali is not always a bed of roses, and the guide will help you to prepare for problems you are likely to face in Bali.

Not only does the book include the essential information on visas, insurance, shipping companies, medical care and property, but it also includes interviews with expats who have already retired in Bali. Their stories and advice are an invaluable source of information.

Retiring in Bali is not just about warm weather and a low cost of living, Bali has a rich and fascinating culture. The religion is strongly intertwined with daily life. Bali has a very strong community life and Balinese are welcoming to newcomers. For people that get involved in village life, you just cannot help to be touched by the people and have a deeply rewarding experience.

The book should put your mind at ease, as it answers many of the typical concerns people have about retiring in Bali, such as visas, finding medical insurance, health care, cost of living, dealing with the government and police, safety and buying or renting property.

We hope you will join us and make the first step in moving to paradise.

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What people are saying:

This is a great book outlining all the pros and cons of settling in this island paradise. No need to look any where else for a comprehensive fact file on the subject.

I have decided to live in Bali soon and found this book answered many of my questions. It saved me a lot of time.
Good value for money!


I have been to Bali many times, have good local friends, and just bought a home there. I was surprised how many small and very useful tips I still found in this book that I plan to consider I am sure those just starting out will find it even more valuable.


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