I have been using an agent to get my visa extensions and for the second extension, I had to actually visit the immigration office near the airport in Kuta to get photographed and finger printed. They had a scanner to take all of my finger prints, so no ink involved. I remember having to get finger printed in Japan for a visa many years ago for a visa. So many foreigners complained about being treated like criminals that eventually they did away with the practice.

With the bombings and terrorists in Indonesia, immigration is taking care who they allow to stay in the country. I saw a wanted pictures for alleged bomber and terrorist Nordon Top, posted at the airport. The process at immigration however went smoothly and I pick up my passport next week.

While waiting my turn, a young girl walked in and started randomly asking people where she could get a number. An immigration guy behind the counter asked what she wanted, and she said she wanted to extend her tourist visa. Tourist visas are generally unextendable but it is possible if you go through an agent and pay a small “fee”.

Anyway, the immigration official said she couldn’t extend it and then the girl started yelling “this is bullshit”. “My embassy told me I could extend it”. It was funny to watch and I am not sure how she thought that telling the official that the laws were “bullshit” would help her case.