You want to have a better immune system but you’re struggling to get enough Z’s? Now that you spend more time at home and in bed, it’s a good time to pay more attention to one of the most (if not, the most) important furniture piece at home to support your health… your mattress!

To fully benefit from sleep, we require well-rested nights, which can be achieved with a conducive sleeping environment. Ideally, your bedroom should be cool, quiet and dark, while your bed is supportive and comfortable in order to promote healthy sleep. If you are interested in organic food to support your health, you should realize that you’re actually getting a greater exposure to toxic chemicals in your bed than anywhere else. Therefore, investing in a mattress and other bedding products made of natural materials makes a lot of sense!

Here comes Heveya® Bali, a Belgian company that focuses on bedding products made with the most natural and sustainable materials. Their shop in Canggu carries mattresses and pillows made of 100% natural organic latex without any synthetic foam, glue or metal springs inside. Therefore, you don’t need to worry about toxic off-gassing and electromagnetic radiation issues that have become common concerns amongst PU foam and metal springs mattress’ users.

Bali latex sustainable matrtresses

Latex mattresses are well-known for their excellent support and comfort and often recommended by chiropractors. Due to their elasticity, latex can conform to your body shape, promoting good spinal alignment. This in turn will help alleviate back pain. Body pressure is also well distributed, resulting in better blood circulation and allowing your body to relax fully.

Available in multiple thickness- and firmness levels, their Heveya® mattresses cater to all kinds of builds, sleeping positions and personal preferences. What’s more, each king size mattress is customisable with dual firmness options. With one firmer and one softer side, both husband and wife can still enjoy the personalised body support that suits you individually. No more compromises!

Besides providing a comfortable sleeping surface, Heveya® natural organic latex mattresses are also the perfect solution for people who are prone to allergies. The latex core is breathable due to its open cell structure and pinhole design. This ensures perfect moisture regulation and enhances the mattress’ natural ventilation. Dust mite, mould and bacteria simply don’t thrive in natural latex. What is more, Heveya® mattresses are encased in a removable bamboo cover filled with organic cotton padding. Therefore, you can easily unzip the cover to clean for a hygienic sleeping environment at all times.

Bali latex pillows

Aside from choosing the right mattress, sleeping on the correct pillow is also important. A pillow provides head and neck support and sleeping on a wrong one can give shoulder and neck aches. Made with the same organic material as their latex mattress, Heveya® natural organic latex pillows are resilient and will not flatten when you wake up. They come in different shapes and firmness to cater to different preferences and sleeping positions.

At Heveya®, they aim to provide a healthy, comfortable sleeping and above all, natural sleeping environment. Talk to their sleep consultants to find out what options are suitable for you. Sleep, being the most important human need, is definitely worth investing in!

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