When I first posted this picture on Facebook my auntie said how she could imagine sitting in one of those deck chairs alongside her husband. If you live in Bali, and I don’t mean just visiting for a short holiday, you can do it every day! Imagine having your own maid for just $100 a month to do your cleaning, washing and cooking, happy in the knowledge you are providing someone with a job.

Free guide to living in Bali

Since I started this website, I have had various emails from people asking how they can live in Bali. Jobs for foreigners are pretty scarce here, so you need to get a little creative to earn a living.

I decided to put together a guide to some of the potential opportunities for foreigners to make a living here in Bali.

The guide covers:

– My story and how I make a living
– Visas
– Jobs for expats in Bali
– Starting a business
– Doing freelance work
– And more!

You can read more about the book here.