I finally have the internet connected at my place in Lovina, Bali. Our first attempt was trying to get Speedy connected, where you need to have a telephone line. We had a technician come out who said there weren’t any free ports available, taken mostly by foreigners living in the area. It seems local people here are happy with just using mobile phones.

The next attempt was using a GPRS service. Unfortunately it was just too slow and unreliable to get any real work done.

I heard about the ISP Spicelink which is popular here and getting a connection involved setting up an antennae on the house to get access. I was getting sick of trying to get anything done in an internet cafe, so I was prepared to try anything.

About 5 or 6 workers came to our house today and installed the antenna and it now seems to be working fine. The technician first mentioned that he was going to fix the antenna to a neighbor’s coconut tree. I must have given him a strange look, as he tried to assure me that he would rent the coconut tree from our neighbor.