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catherine williams Bali

Bankrupt Bali wedding planner ordered to pay fine

Do you remember the Bali based wedding planner that ran off with thousands of dollars of client’s money and left many couples stranded right before their big day? Well it seems that she has finally had her day in court and has been fined and ordered to pay compensation to the affected people. According to […]

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Bali travel party scam

Travel Party Scam Alert

Before I moved to Indonesia, I lived in Japan. I spent some time living and working in small towns, where there were few foreigners. It wasn’t uncommon to be invited to people’s houses for a meal. Sometimes it was so their kids could practice English and sometimes I think it was just out of curiosity. […]

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Bali safe memorial Kimmy

Crime in Bali – is it getting out of control?

The notion of Bali as a safe travel destination and place to live, is being shattered by a spate of nasty crimes. Bag snatching, particularly from people riding motorbikes, is growing at an alarming trend. Women carrying handbags, coming home late at night on a motorbike, seem to be the main target.  As the handbag […]

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Paul Conibeer Bali

10 months in jail for not paying hotel bill

In August 2012, Paul Conibeer was jail for 10 months for not paying his hotel bill in Bali. He has now written a book about his experience: “I Survived Kerobokan”. I have watched a couple of interviews now of him promoting his new book. I have sympathy for him having to go through his ordeal, […]

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ATM card skimmer

Another ATM card skimming warning

It seems like there has been another recent spate of ATM card skimming in Bali. I say another, as sometime ago there were gangs operating in Bali, that installed skimming equipment on ATMs, mostly using tiny cameras to record your pin number. The banks were fairly quick to act, installing guards around the keypad, making […]

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Korupsi Atau Penipuan ?

Bali, Buleleng Saya tinggal di Propinsi Bali, kabupaten Buleleng. Sekitar 4 bulan lalu saya mengurus KTP, namun melalui Kepala Dusun. Kepala Dusun tersebut meminta saya membayar Rp. 750,000 di tambah dengan uang lelah dan total saya bayar Rp. 900,000. Menurut Kepala Dusun tersebut, saya akan mendapatkan KTP saya lebih kurang tiga hari. Setelah seminggu saya […]

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Bayar 500 juta untuk menikah ?

Ada nya peraturan baru perUndang – undangan di Indonesia mengenai kawin campur, Undang – undang yang akan di buat oleh pemerintah Indonesia yaitu Bagi siapa saja yang menikah dengan warga asing maka warga asing tersebut wajib membayar Deposit ke pemerintah Indonesia sebanyak 500 juta. Link di atas adalah mengenai peraturan perundangan yang akan di […]

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Bea Cukai Mengamankan Bahan Peledak Selundupan

Perairan pulau mapor ( 18/11 ) Rabu, Bea cukai mengamankan bahan peledak dasar sebanyak 75 ton ammonium nitrat. Menurut kata Wakil Direktur Reserse Kriminal Polda Kepri, AKBP Wiyarso bahan peledak dasar sebanyak ini dapat meledakkan 1 pulau apabila dicampur dengan unsur kimia pendukung pembuatan bahan peledak. Wiyarso juga mengatakan bahwa akan bekerja sama dengan pihak […]

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