An article in the Jakarta Post says that the BPK (Supreme Audit Agency) has found alleged embezzlement of up to 3 billion rupiah at Bali International airport.

“The BPK report highlighted a discrepancy between the issuance of visa-on-arrival fees and the financial report,” Justice and Human Rights Minister Andi Mattalatta said Monday at a conference in Jakarta.

I believe there are two types of visas you can get at the airport, one for 7 days for $10 and another for one month for US$25.

I think what happens is that a foreigner requests a one month visa and pays $25 but they only get a 7 day visa and the difference is pocketed.

A friend of a friend had this problem and they didn’t realize that their passport had only been stamped for 7 days even they though they allegedly paid for 30 days. The fee for overstaying your visa is around US$20 a day.

I can understand how after having a long flight to Bali and when you pass through immigration, all you can think about is getting to your hotel and hitting the beach or having your first cold Bintang and don’t even bother checking your visa.

Hopefully, something will be done about the corruption now that the report has been published. Whatever happens, it is definitely a good idea to check your passport and visa as you pass through immigration. I also know of people applying for 60 days visa at their embassy and it only gets stamped for 30 days at immigration at the airport.