Bali sex banI get that we live in a 24 hour news cycle and the media often has a knee jerk reaction to whatever is a hot topic, but I do wish that they would have some respect over what they write and remember that people’s lives are affected by these inaccurate reports.

If you live in Bali and read the headlines in the (mostly) Australian media about what is happening in Indonesia, at first you can’t help chuckling, but then that can quickly to turn to anger when you start hearing about worried tourists canceling their holidays. Tourism is one of the most important industries on the island and negative reporting can have a big impact to holiday bookings.

I am not suggesting never to write negative stories about Bali, but it would be nice to see some basic fact-checking done first. It is sad to see stories written without any basis and the repercussions that this has.

It is also interesting that these “articles” are written by journalists not living in the country with no clue about Indonesia. There are and have been some great journalists covering Indonesia (Jewel Topsfield comes to mind), but you can be sure they wouldn’t write sensationalist articles like what we have seen in the Australian media this week.

Come on Australia give Bali a break!