After more than 10 years of living in Bali, our family has decided, as much as we love living here. that we are ready for a change. Bali has given us so much and we have been truly blessed with the experiences we have had living here.

This blog has been part of the journey and while I haven’t updated it as much as I would have liked, over the years it has been a great way to connect with other people interested in Bali.

I am now hoping that there is someone who might be interested in purchasing the site. I believe that the site would be perfect for a writer, blogger or online entrepreneur. It could also be a great marketing tool for someone with a business in Bali targeting expats. The site for example has generated many leads for my wife’s legal business.

I get constant enquiries for assistance with visas, but that is not something which I pursued. The site also gets many inquiries from companies looking for partnerships like insurance and moving companies.

So I think you could offer services these kinds of services on the site or partner with a company who does. Such as:

  • Insurance
  • Property
  • Visas
  • Legal help
  • Business set up and consultancy
  • Online marketing and website design/services

The site makes money itself through ebook sales and affiliate programs. I have three ebooks and have one short one which I have used a giveaway for people to subscribe to my newsletter.

The full rights to the books would of course be included in the sale. Another perk is getting invited to new business openings and events. Unfortunately I never had the time to attend and living mostly in the north of Bali made it difficult to attend.

If you are interested in forums, I am also selling my site The sites are for sale separately, but I would of course consider a deal for both sites.

Of course social media is a big part of business these days and the various groups, pages and accounts is included in the sale.

Some of the profiles/accounts include:

  • baliexpat Facebook page, over 22,000 likes and 23,000 followers
  • baliexpat Facebook group: 1,600 members
  • Business for Sale Indonesia group, over 4,000 members
  • Email list with over 1,000 subscribers on this site. I am using MailPoet (WordPress plugin) to handle this.
  • Twitter: over 5,800 followers

The site runs on WordPress, which is pretty easy to run and maintain.

I am looking for offers over $xx,xxx.

The transaction can be done using to protect both buyer and seller.

Genuine enquiries can be sent to: