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New free guide for expats living in Bali

I have just finished putting together a resource guide for expats living in Bali. It is a directory of the most common services and businesses that you will likely need while living in Bali. Here is the link. You can download it directly (no email sign up required!) If you have a business that caters […]

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Paul Conibeer Bali

10 months in jail for not paying hotel bill

In August 2012, Paul Conibeer was jail for 10 months for not paying his hotel bill in Bali. He has now written a book about his experience: “I Survived Kerobokan”. I have watched a couple of interviews now of him promoting his new book. I have sympathy for him having to go through his ordeal, […]

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A new guide to retiring in Bali

I have just finished my second book about Bali and this time I have written a guide for people interested in retiring in Bali. Writing certainly doesn’t come easy for me and even though I have all of these ideas running around in my head, getting them written down is another thing all together. I […]

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Printed book available now from Amazon

I just received the proof of the printed version of my book “How to start a business in Bali”. I approved the proof, so it is now available for sale through Createspace and hopefully soon, through Amazon. My whole experience with Createspace has been fantastic and the printed book looks great. It’s a weird feeling […]

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Selling print on demand and ebooks on Amazon

I was looking for more places to get exposure for my guide to starting a business in Bali. After doing some research, I found that anyone can sell print on demand (POD) and ebooks on Amazon. I think it is a fairly recent move that Amazon has started or they acquired a site called CreateSpace. […]

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Shop Smart – shopping guide to Bali

I am probably one of the world’s worst shoppers, but I do like reading and being able to flip through guide books on Bali. This book is more than just a shopping guide though, it also covers restaurants, day spas, bars and hotels in Bali.   The reviews are frank and to the point. The […]

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Books on Bali

The Indonesian tourism authority spends very little on marketing Bali to the world, yet millions of visitors every year choose to spend their holidays in Bali. I believe this is partly due to the many books written on Bali mostly by foreigners that create a special sense of Bali for anyone visiting the island. This […]

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