The Indonesian tourism authority spends very little on marketing Bali to the world, yet millions of visitors every year choose to spend their holidays in Bali. I believe this is partly due to the many books written on Bali mostly by foreigners that create a special sense of Bali for anyone visiting the island.

This is a list of some of the timeless classics on Bali. Please let me know in the comments if you know of any books that should be added to the list.

House in Bali bookA House in Bali by Colin McPhee is a timeless classic on Bali. McPhee arrived in Bali in 1931 after hearing a record of Balinese music in New York.





Fragrant Rice Bali book Fragrant Rice: My Continuing Love Affair with Bali by Janet De Neefe tells her story of living in Bali since 1974. The book is part biography, part social anthropology and part Balinese recipe guide.





Balians Balis traditional healers Bali Balians: Traditional Healers of Bali is a book of interviews and photographs of some of Bali’s traditional healers (Balians). The six interviews are with, Mangku Alit, Jero Sekar Manik, Jero Tapakan, Jero Mangku Srikandi, Mangku I. Made Pogog and I Gusti Gede Raka Antara.




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