I have to apologize for the lack of updates on this blog. I meant to do a wrap for 2009 and never got around to doing that and now it is already February!

I remember back when I was working in a regular IT job how slow the week used to go as you looked forward to the weekend. Living in Bali (unless of course if you are working) is really one long weekend. I often lose track of the days. Balinese themselves follow their own calendar, so they don’t necessarily follow a regular Monday to Friday week. I think only government and bank employees have a regular working week.

So for having such a relaxed life here, time goes surprisingly fast. Even if you are retired here, or just taking an extended break from work, you will probably be surprised how active you will be. Of course I don’t mean in the usual busy western working lifestyle, but in socializing with other expats and your Balinese friends.

I have many plans and ideas for the year, but as anyone who has lived in Bali before knows, you often hit various hurdles that seem to block your every move.

If you don’t have any patience or can’t learn to be a patient person, living in Bali could be a nightmare!