When it comes to applying for visas everything always seems to be done in a rush.  Filling out forms, getting pictures and making copies of all of your documents.  It is easy to get a little flustered and sometimes stressed any time you have to deal with bureaucracy.  When you finally go to pick up your passport with your new visa, you can’t help feeling a sense of relief.  Of course, then you might need to rush off to catch a flight if you are on a visa run.

Whether you are using the services of an agent or applied for the visa yourself, it is easy to presume that once you get your passport back, everything has been processed correctly.  Unfortunately, this is not always the case, as this post on the Bali expat forum shows.

In this case, someone applied for a 60 day social visa and it wasn’t until they went to make their first extension, that the agent realized that the visa was only valid for 14 days!  So effectively they have been overstaying for over a month!  Not a good situation to be in.  The agent said they would try to fix the problem.  The moral to the story is, always check your visas when you get your passport back from your agent, the embassy or immigration!