Bali D'Luxe Weddings

Reports are surfacing that an Australian wedding planner, organizing weddings in Bali, has gone into receivership. There is a news report in the West Australian, saying at least $200,000 in client’s money has been lost.

Some couples were about to board the plane for Bali for the wedding before hearing the bad news. They had paid the full amount for the wedding only to find out, venues haven’t been booked or paid.

The company’s website has at least two websites: and, both of which are still online.

The owner of the company is Catherine Williams, trading under the Australia registered company name Acceler8 Group Pty Ltd (ABN 62 538 036 723).

RSM Bird Cameron have been appointed receivers and affected persons can contact them at:

It is the second recent case of an Australian agent having problems and people losing money, so I thought I would post a warning.

Of course I believe Bali is a great place to get married, but you obviously do need to take precautions. Paying one person the full amount, has an element of risk. I don’t know what the solution is. In Bali D’ Luxe’s case they did have a registered company and had until now had many satisfied clients.

One solution might be to try and arrange it yourself or at least part of it yourself. Maybe even booking and paying for the venue directly yourself.

The Australian consulate in Bali has information on their website about getting married in Bali, which you can see here:

The West Australian government posted a consumer alert here:

Update: I have received reports of suppliers not being paid, so I think the $200,000 figure mentioned is likely much higher, not to mention the local staff who problem have salary owing.