Artist Rose Johnson dies in Bali from alcohol poisoning

Arak Bali poisoningThere have been several reports recently in the Jakarta Post of people dying from alcohol poisoning from drinking the local drink arak. On Sunday Phoenix artist Rose Johnson 48, died after drinking arak on the island of Bali.

Home brewed arak is often mixed with methanol to increase the strength of the beverage. Due to heavy duties, imported spirits are very expensive in Bali. Arak is a cheap alternative and enjoyed by local Balinese and tourists alike.



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  1. Sherrell McKinnon June 9, 2009 at 12:32 pm #

    The art of Rose Johnson touched many souls. Her spirit was genuine and inspirational. Compassion was at the heart of every aspect of her life especially towards animals, social justice, and the earth. Her paintings brought us joy and tears. She shared her imagination and her struggles without reservation. Rose taught us many lessons by example. She made us think and will live on in our hearts and dreams.


  1. More deaths from arak alcohol poisoning : Bali Expat Blog - June 2, 2009

    […] more foreigners and have died from drinking the methanol tainted palm wine arak. Rose Johnson died on Sunday and Alan Colen, 59 from died on Saturday. He had been living in Bali for 13 […]

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