I came to Bali in June 2009. Actually it wasn’t my first trip, having been a couple of times long before the internet or blogging was around. Originally from Australia, I have spent most of my life living overseas mostly in Japan and China, before moving to Indonesia. I live in the north of Bali, faraway from the craziness of the south of Bali.

Since moving to Bali, I got married, started a business with my wife and have had a son. Everyday in Bali can be of an adventure in Bali. Just when I thought I had seen everything, I see or experience something surprising and often shocking.

Life in Bali is pretty laid back and I think now there is no way I could go back to doing some kind of 9-5 office job.

I started this blog to share my experiences and provide information for anyone else who wants to live in Bali. Living in Bali, you hear so many stories about expats running into various problems, sometimes having to leave Bali much earlier than they planned. Most of the problems could have been avoided I believe, if they had the right advice. If my website can help just one person, I will feel that I have accomplished something.

I am interested in online marketing, particularly for hotels, writing, online communities, digital publishing, health and fitness.

I am happy to try answer any questions people might have about living in Bali, or starting a business in Bali. I might not have all of the answers, but I try at least to point people in the right direction.

You can find my contact details here.