In my How to Retire in Bali information guide, I wrote a few tips for what to look out for in renting a house or villa in Bali.

Reading this letter to the editor in the Jakarta Post, it reminded of one of those tips. While a house might seem great during the day, it is a good idea to go back late at night to see if there are any problems with noise levels, like from nearby bars or night clubs. This is particularly a problem in some residential areas in Sanur, where there are a number of “cafes” or karaoke bars, as this poor person found out after it was too late:

“My wife, two kids and I moved into a very nice neighborhood in Sanur and thought we had the perfect new home. But, the noise from the “café” down the road seemed to get louder as the night went on. At 3 a.m., it still hadn’t stopped or gotten quieter but had actually increased in volume. And so it has gone for the past week. Each night, the café gets louder and louder and doesn’t stop until 3 a.m. or 4 a.m.

The other residents in our street tell us that they found it hard for a week or so but learned to sleep through the noise, kind of. As I ponder this predicament, I wonder what on earth we can do.

Moving again would be costly and inconvenient. Sound proofing against the incredibly loud and out-of-tune singing is not realistic. My mind continually returns to some sort of legal action or collaborative complaint by the people residing in the area.

And yet I have been in Indonesia far too long to expect anything but people to tell me to just put up with the situation. I thought I would move into this lovely neighborhood for many years and assumed that as my house is well over 500 meters and two streets away from the café, it wouldn’t be a problem.”

Generally rent in Indonesia is paid for one year in advance, so later if you find out there are any problems with the property, it can be near impossible getting any kind of refund and don’t expect owners or agents to be too forthcoming with any problems with the property!

Have you ever had problems renting a property in Bali, tell us about it here in the comments.