I love having a pool in Bali. Not only is it a great way to cool down, I love just floating around and relaxing from the stress of living in Bali.

Our pool filter has given us nothing but trouble since we moved into our place. We have frequent visits from our pool guy who manages to fix our problem, but doesn’t hesitate to suggest to us that we should buy a bigger filter. It always makes me wonder if he is serious or is he just trying to make some extra money.

One time the light in our pool stopped working and we thought the bulb had gone. It turned out, it was just some lose wiring. Our pool guy didn’t even want to accept any money for fixing the light. Even though we paid him some money, it made me think how nice this guy is. I had read on the internet how expensive pool lights are.

Just two days ago our pool cleaner announced that our filter was now “broken” and there was nothing he could do. Another call to our pool guy and when he eventually came, the news was not good. He said our pool was poorly designed and we needed to make a water overflow and install a ballast tank. The only thing which seemed certain was that it was going to cost a lot of money.

I go out trying to forget about our pool problems, but when I got back our pool cleaner suddenly announced that our pool was fixed. Hmmm, I thought. I asked what the trouble was and it turns out that there were toy cars, leaves and stones blocking the pipes to our filter causing the problem. It cost around $40. Once that was fixed, with the filter running, our pool started running like a whirl pool. The difference was quite amazing.

It certainly made me realize that before handing over any money you need to question and question everything you do here in Bali, before you hand over any cash.