1. No more Monday blues

When I worked for a company I always remember feeling a bit down on Sundays nights with the thought of having to work the next day. Monday mornings were even worse as I trudged off to work. Then I would spend the rest of the week counting down the days to the weekend. I would usually start to feel better again by Thursday and Friday. I enjoyed my job but I felt like my whole life revolved around my job, rather than it being just one part of my life.

In Bali, only large companies and government offices operate on a Monday to Friday schedule. In fact, it is easy to lose track of what day it is. Weddings for example are held on auspicious days according to the Balinese calendar with no regard to weekends or holidays. Since many businesses are dependent on tourism, most places are open everyday. In fact the whole concept of time becomes less relevant when you are living in Bali – you wake up when it is light and eat when you are hungry.

2. Low cost of living

While Bali has become more expensive to live, it is still cheaper than most western countries. If you get out of the main tourist areas then everything becomes cheaper, especially rent and eating out. You can find rooms for rent with private bathroom for around $50 a month. They might be basic, but it does show that you can live very cheaply if want or need to.

3. Start up culture

How can you not be inspired by living in Bali? Art, culture and breath taking scenery. Whether you want to paint, write a book or start your own tech company, Bali is the perfect place. You can get away by yourself or mix freely with other like minded people. The co-working space Hubud for example is a melting pot of entrepreneurs and creative people.

4. Lose weight and regain your health

As long as you avoid Indonesian instant noodles and stick to a more traditional diet of fresh fruits and vegetables, rice and some meat, you can’t help to lose weight in Bali. Bali’s warm, tropical climate is also conducive to being active and spending a great deal of time outdoors.

5. Surround yourself with similar positive people

Bali attracts an interesting range of expats. Sure there are negative people who will never be happy, but it is easy to meet like minded people with similar goals and motivation.

6. Employ staff to take care of the things you can’t be bothered doing

It takes a great deal of effort keeping your house clean and tidy. Have you ever wondered just how much time you spend doing house work and other daily chores? Living in Bali you can employ people to take care of this work, leaving you more time to work and spending time doing the things you enjoy.

7. Throw out your wardrobe

I have always loved summers more than winter. Living in Bali is basically one long summer of warm weather – even the rain is warm! This means you can live easily with just a few pairs of shorts and t-shirts. About the only time you need to “dress up” is for immigration visits. Even formal events the dress code will be something like “resort casual”.

Need any more convincing?

If you are already living in Bali and think I left something off the list, let me know if the comments.

Image credits: https://www.flickr.com/photos/rswatski/7331310250/

Image Credit by Matt Oldfield. Bali Bard, Hubud.