Working in Bali without a working visa is a big no-no where hundreds of foreigners get deported every year. Unfortunately, there are times when we could all need a bit of extra cash, whether it is to save for a flight home or pay for an unexpected medical bill. Here are some ideas to make a bit of cash on the side, visa restrictions notwithstanding.

1. Have a garage/yard sale

Bali has expats arriving all of the time looking to stay for an extended period and second hand/unwanted goods sell quickly. There are many Facebook groups, such as “Bali Buy and Sell” and “Bali Second Hand Marketplace” devoted to second-hand goods and as long as the goods are reasonably priced, they sell quickly. Another way to make money is to find goods on sale, or buying them in bulk and then selling them with your own markup.

make money work Bali

2. Rent out your spare room

Most rentals in Bali make you pay for a full year in advance, sometimes making accommodation options limited for people who may only want to stay for a month or two. Airbnb is the obvious place to advertise but you can also find people looking for accommodation in groups like the Bali Digital Nomad group.

3. Rent out your car or motorbike

Tourists are often looking for motorbike and car rentals, so why not rent out your car or motorbike if it is not being used? Unfortunately, there are no apps to handle this easy but you can scout Facebook groups like: Bali Bikes & Cars For Sale or Rent. Obviously, you need insurance to cover for damage or theft.

4. Teach English online

Teaching English has been the mainstay for finding work overseas for native English speakers. Unfortunately, there are limited opportunities in Bali for teaching English. Teaching English online is one alternative. I have seen many advertisements for online English teachers recently, especially teaching to people in China. Vipkid is one company that frequently advertises for North American teachers.

5. Online freelancing

Upwork is an online freelancing marketplace. There are a plethora of opportunities from writing to accounting. Workshift Japan is a similar website for Japanese companies, rates tend to be higher than Upwork and competition is not as high for finding online work opportunities.

Good and even mediocre writers are in high demand. Many websites pump out content in the hope of getting found in Google’s search results. If you have specific knowledge of a particular subject that can also be very helpful, whether it is surfing or the stock market.

6. Youtube Videos

If you don’t mind getting in front of a camera, why not start your own Youtube channel. All those ads you see on the bottom of the videos, Google gives video makers a percentage of the revenue.

7. Sell/export Balinese handicrafts

Bali’s handicrafts are famous worldwide and it is easy to find factories and craftspeople to buy directly from. Tegallalang, just north of Ubud is one of the most well known wholesale areas. Plenty of foreigners fund their stay by shipping container loads of goods back to their home country.

8. Drop Shipping

I read many different blogs and some people are doing very well with drop shipping. Basically, you set up a website, usually in a particular niche and sell other company’s products. You make the sales, collect the payment and the company which supplies or produces the products, ships the product to the end customer. The good thing is you do not have to carry any of your own inventory and the business can be run from anywhere. Specific niches seem to do best, like “Halloween costumes” or “Harry Potter goods”.

9. Affiliate marketing

This is similar to drop shipping where you earn a small percentage of the sale of a product or service if someone clicks on a link or banner on your website and someone goes on to make a purchase. Even hotel booking websites like Agoda and offer an affiliate program where you can make money promoting hotels on your blog or website.

10. Recycling

While recycling is still fairly limited in Bali, you can get a little bit of money for empty bottles and other trash like cardboard. I can’t say I have ever tried this, but if you ever found yourself in a really desperate situation and at least you are helping the environment 🙂