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Bali minimum salary 2014

Bali minimum wage for 2014

Here is a list by regency of the minimum monthly salary (in rupiah) in Bali for 2014, put out by the Bali governor. Regency – 2013 salary – 2014 salary Badung – 1,401,000 – 1,728,000 Denpasar – 1,358,000 – 1,656,900 Gianyar – 1,230,000 – 1,543,000 Karangasem – 1,195,000 – 1,542,600 Jembrana – 1,212,500 – 1,542,600 […]

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Work and Jobs in Bali

Almost everyday I receive emails from people asking how to find work in Bali, so I thought I would write an article on the challenges foreigners face. Some countries are quite open about allowing foreign workers, believing it can help with skill shortages and providing industries with a range of qualified and skilled workers to […]

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How to sell over 1 million ebooks in 5 months

I have to admit even though I am a bit of technology geek, I have been reluctant to buy a Kindle or any other electronic reading device. I am still a fan of ordinary printed books. While I regularly buy books from Amazon and have them delivered to Bali, I also enjoy browsing bookstores. I […]

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Ismail Visa Service Singapore

Anyone living in Bali for an extended period of time, will at some point have to leave Indonesia to pick up a visa or apply for a new one. The shortest flight from Bali is Singapore, taking around 2 and a half hours. Singapore is an expensive place and a bed in a hostel is […]

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