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Five new government regulations many expats aren’t happy about

The new president of Indonesia has certainly been busy this year and some of new regulations and enforcement of old ones, is making expats living in Bali and across the country a little uncomfortable. The government certainly seems like it is making Indonesia a less favorable place for foreigners wanting to work and start a […]

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What you need to know about health insurance for living in Bali

One of the most important things to organize before moving to Bali is health insurance. There are several different options available and deciding on the best one will depend on your circumstances. Some of the things you need to consider include: – Your age – Any pre-existing medical conditions – Length of stay – Type […]

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Bali travel party scam

Travel Party Scam Alert

Before I moved to Indonesia, I lived in Japan. I spent some time living and working in small towns, where there were few foreigners. It wasn’t uncommon to be invited to people’s houses for a meal. Sometimes it was so their kids could practice English and sometimes I think it was just out of curiosity. […]

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Bali property rentals

Finding cheap houses to rent in Bali

I often get emails from people thinking of moving to Bali remarking how expensive properties are to rent, and they don’t know how they can afford to live in Bali. One of the problems of looking for properties on the internet, using English based websites, is that they are generally targeted towards foreigners. They may […]

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Hotel Dekat Pantai Di Jual Di Lovina Bali

Hotel dengan delapan kamar dan empat kamar sedang dalam pembangunan di jual di lovina, bali, Indonesia. Hotel ini berada dekat dengan pantai, hanya sekitar 100 meter dari pantai dan sekitar 2 km dari pusat lovina. Luas hotel adalah 1000 m2 atau 10 are. Sertifikat hak milik. Hotel ini di jual dengan perabot dan lengkap dengan […]

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Mumbul Guesthouse Lovina

Mumbul guesthouse adalah penginapan di Lovina, wilayah Bali utara. Mumbul guesthouse salah satu penginapan murah di Bali dengan fasilitas Free Wifi, Kolam renang, Pemandangan sawah yang alami seperti di desa, ac, air panas, restaurant. Mumbul guesthouse memberikan harga murah termasuk dengan sarapan pagi.  Kegiatan yang bisa di lakukan di Lovina, Bali adalah melihat lumba – […]

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10 dumb mistakes foreigners make moving to Bali

Bali has a certain appeal for many travelers, some of whom visit the island every chance they can get. It’s not surprising then that many then want to live here permanently. The move is a major one for most people, one fraught with emotion and not to mention, expense. Here is a list of some […]

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Are you interested in retiring in Bali?

While sending out email about my business guide to Bali, I had a few comments from people that they are not interested in starting a business in Bali, because they are moving to retire! It has given me an idea the idea to provide more information on this on my website and perhaps another guide. […]

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